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Pulp filter

Feed pressure:0-0.2MPa

Filtration area:5-8㎡

Application range:Widely used in fermentation broth, enzyme preparation, ribonucleic acid, gelatin, food and beverage industry.

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Product details

Using the fiber pulp filter material can be regenerated as the filter medium can trace impurities removing grease, mechanical impurities and suspended in complex liquid materials, the filtered liquid is clear and transparent.

The company's production of pulp filter also belongs to the frame filter, suitable for purification and filtration in liquids. It is widely used in many industries, such as chemical industry, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, etc.. This machine has large filtering area, convenient operation and maintenance, the machine uses a circular frame structure, the filter performance of square structure is more excellent, the machine frame is made of two kinds of Aluminum Alloy and reinforced polypropylene, and can increase the number of plate and frame can also be reduced, can be applied to different liquid filtration requirements.

Working principle

1、Press filter consists of frame, filter plate, compaction system (manual, mechanical, hydraulic three forms) and electrical control cabinet.
2、The frame part supports the pressing device and the filter plate, and is composed of a machine frame, a pressing plate, a thrust plate and a main beam.
3、The filter plate is mounted on the main beam between the compression plate and the thrust plate, and the filter cloth is sandwiched between the filter plate and the thrust plate.
4、When working, a clamping device (or screw cylinder piston rod) push pressure plate, will be located in between the pressing plate and thrust plate filter plate and filter cloth is pressed between the filter plate and the filter press is formed by the filter chamber, the feed pump is pressed into the material from the thrust plate feeding holes into the various the filter chamber, the solid particles are trapped in the filter chamber, and the formation of the filter cake, the liquid through the filter cake and filter cloth by the liquid hole discharge machine in vitro. If the filter cake is washed, the filter cake can be washed by the washing water on the tail plate. If the cake is to be dried, the compressed air can be injected through the mouth of the lotion, and the filter cake is dried.
5、Divided into open press flow form, undercurrent. Celebrities refer to the filtrate being discharged directly from the outlet hole of each filter plate; the undercurrent refers to the confluence of the filtrate of each block of the filter plate and from the outlet of the liquid outlet to the outside of the machine.

Technical parameter

Filtration area(㎡) Size of filter plate(mm) Plate and frame thickness(mm) Filtration pressure(kg/c㎡) Number of filter frames The frame cavity bore the maximum pressurekg/c㎡ Total capacity in frame    (L) Shape length * width * height(mm) Flow(L/Min) Matching motor power(KW) Speed
Cylinder pressing steady pressure(Mpa) Maximum displacement of compression plate(mm)
8 Ф500 50 ≤2 22 3 216 2630*1150*770 87 1.1 1460 12 350
5 Ф400 50 ≤2 22 3 138 2630*1050*670 55 1.1 1460 12 350


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